J M Advisory Services, LLC - Resume Writing and Career Counseling

If you need a professional resume, send me your current resume and the vacancy announcement of the position that you want.  I will review it and contact you.

Have you applied for jobs in the federal government?  If so, you know that it's a broken system.  It's complex, cumbersome, confusing and time consuming. 

Don't feel discouraged if you haven't received any response, or haven't been interviewed...federal agencies are overwhelmed with the number of applications they receive and they're not good about staying in touch with their applicants.

I am a former federal Chief Human Capital Officer with 32 years of experience in reviewing resumes and hiring federal employees.  Contact me for assistance and get the job you want!

J M Advisory Services, LLC Fee Schedule

Professional Resume
No Customization
Price: $149.00
Address Minimum Quals
Price: $49.00
Address Rating Factors
Price: $59.00
Address Questionnaire
Price: $69.00
DISCOUNT for all 4 Services
Fully Customized Professional Resume
Price: $299.00
50% OFF (Federal application - all 4 services)
Price: $149.00
Private Sector resume
Price: $89.00

Focused on excellence by providing high-quality consulting service and customer satisfaction.


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