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What Sets me Apart 
from Other Professional Resume Writers?
1)  I don't just write professionally written, customized resumes, I help my clients get jobs!

I will conduct a FREE federal job search for you to find positions that are a good fit and that you truly have a good chance of acquiring.

2)  I have over 30 years of experience in Human Resources and retired as a Senior Executive - official title was  Chief Human Capital Officer (HR Director).  Why does that matter?  

Because I know exactly what it takes to get your resume noticed both in the federal government and in the private sector.

I know what HR needs to see in order to move your resume forward to the Hiring Official for an interview (so THAT'S what gets highlighted  in your resume).

3)  I work alone and answer my own email promptly (often up to about 10pm and weekends).  My average response time on Yelp is 20 minutes, and it's never been above 30 minutes.  
You will receive individualized attention.  

4)  I never send spam.  And I don't ask for feedback.  However, I often receive unsolicited feedback, (shared at the bottom of this page).  This is what fuels me - and why I love what I do.  

5)  My prices are very reasonable 
Click on JMAS Fee Schedule tab at the top left of this page.  

There's a very popular (and probably very rich) resume writer on LinkedIn that charges $1500.   
Be careful - you don't always get what you pay for.  

6)  I keep it simple.  No forms, no contracts, no long conversations...you don't need any of that, and my turnaround time averages about 2 days.  

Here's how I provide services in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 You email your current resume 
(and a link to the job you want - if you've found one) to me at JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail.com. 

Step 2 -  I will review it against your resume to make sure it's a good fit.  If it isn't, I will run a free federal job search for you, or guide you on the type of job for which you would qualify in the private sector. 

Step 3 - Once we find a good job fit, I will develop a professionally written, customized resume that addresses all of the qualification requirements for the position, the rating factors (if it's a federal job) and the Questionnaire (again, if it's as federal job).

A professionally written resume that is CUSTOMIZED to the job you want will greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job.  

So don't just hire a resume writer, hire a former Senior HR Executive that knows and understands the hiring process and requirements.  

I don't  just write a resume for you, I truly help you get the job you want!

Ready to get your dream job?  Let's do this!

Federal Jobs - Email me your current resume and the link OR the control number of the vacancy announcement for the position you want from usajobs.gov.

Private Sector Jobs - Email your current resume and a link to the job announcement of the position you want.

EMAIL:  JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail.com.  

Want to know what my clients think of me?  I do NOT ask for feedback - but I get it anyway...and it warms my heart every single time.  :)

A Few Unsolicited Comments 

1/7/20 - "I was referred to you via my Aunt who was a prior customer of yours.  She told me that you and your services were the main contributors to securing her a 
GS-15 position." DC (I didn't even know she got the job - great news!)

1/6/20 - "Really good feedback.  I appreciate the blunt critiques." EU
(this one made me laugh - yes, I can be blunt - why beat around the bush?  You need good, solid feedback!  :)

12/11/19 - "Thanks so much Janet!  This looks great!"  SQ

10/26/19 - "Thanks Janet, for all the extra work you did on my behalf.  Your efforts and hard work are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your service and for going the extra mile.  CK

9/27/19 - "Thank you so much for the quick turnaround on my resume.  I'm really pleased with the results!"  SA

9/26/19 - "I wanted to let you know that I am being considered for the position that you recommended for me.  I truly appreciate all the time you spent highlighting my experience and skills to draw the employers' attention to my resume!"  ME

8/28/19 - "You won't believe it because I can barely wrap my head around it...I've been offered a job! I'm thrilled!  Could not have done it without your finesse and resume pizzaz.  Many, many thanks!"  AH

8/27/19 - "This looks great!!  You captured everything very well.  I am amazed at your quick turnaround.  Thank you so much!  WOW!!" JB

8/14/19 - "I was hired for the position you created that fantastic resume for!"  BH

8/13/19 - "Thank you for assisting me with my resume, I'm very pleased with your work and will definitely recommend your services to my friends."SeanM

8/12/19 - "I wanted to let you know that I received a job offer for the position!  Thank you for your help with my resume."  NickS

7/28/19 - "Since you created my resume I have received 5 referrals - 4 with other agencies and one in my own agency!!  I'm so happy.  Thank you.  I've been applying for years hoping for an opportunity to work in that office and FINALLY made the cert and got an interview.  Thank you JESUS, thank you Janet. :)"

7/28/19 - "I cannot express enough, my sincere appreciation for the fabulous job you did with my son's federal resume."  CW

7/25/19 - "I am getting an interview!  The resume you developed for me was shared with multiple divisions.  I received an interview request from one division and a phone call from a second division.  Now I need your Interview Preparation!"  NN

7/24/19 - "I just wanted to let you know that I aced the interview after the Interview Preparation I received from you AND I was accepted into the FortiVet Mentoring Program!  Thank you!" ER

7/23/19 - "I got a second interview with GSA using the resume you developed for me!"  TA

7/22/19 - "Thank you so much for the remarkable transformation and upgrade you did on my resume.  I appreciate the experience and empathy you brought and your exceptional professionalism.  I will be sure to recommend that others invest in their future and seek your wise counsel."  ErnieR

7/18/19 - "I ended up getting the job!  Thank you for your help!  It's been the best job I've ever had so far."  PaulK

7/16/19 - "Thank you for the great job you did on making sure my resume was strong enough to get to the interview stage!  This is the FIRST TIME I have ever been listed as "Best Qualified"!  NN

7/8/2019 - "Another agency wants to interview me again!  I've had so many interviews!  More in the past few months than in the preceding years!  It's pretty unbelievable."  MattH 
(Note:  this client had not received an interview for YEARS until I developed his resume - now he's getting interviews from multiple agencies, and call backs.)

6/26/2019 - "I just read my resume.  It is perfect and beautifully done.  Thank you." DS

6/2/2019 - "O-M-G!  My new resume is so polished/refined/improved and worth it!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are the RESUME QUEEN!" TWard

5/17/2019 - "It's definitely been a pleasure working with you.  Amazing work!"

5/16/2019 - "My resume truly looks fantastic!  Thank you so much!" VictorK

5/1/2019 - "You did an amazing job.  Thank you again for all your help.   You have been amazing.  You came highly recommended!" ShellyM

4/29/2019 - "I got the job!  I truly thank you.  I will definitely refer you to others. Thanks again," LB

3/17/2019 - "You helped my husband with his resume and I would like you to know that he did successfully find a great job!  Now I need your help too!"  ChristineC

3/5/2019 - "I really value your experience and expertise.  I have an interview!  Thanks again for your help, I continue to promote your business to my peers and coworkers.  APerry (return customer)

3/5/2019 - "Thank you SO much for your resume services - it landed me a GS-13 with my desired agency.  I've recommended you to many and will continue to do so!" SamO

3/2/2019 - "I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help.  I got an official job offer yesterday.  I'm excited!" JoshR

2/22/2019 - "I used your resume service a few months ago and I just received the job offer!" SG 

1/31/19 - "Janet, Thank you!  Concise, stronger wording and it flows.  You adeptly managed to describe things I did not adequately cover, are very relative to what I do, and add value.  Much appreciated." JonM

1/15/19 - "I am highly impressed by how fast you work, and the changes to my resume are truly phenomenal.  I feel so much more confident in applying now.  Thank you!"  JoshS

1/10/19 - "Stellar work Janet.  Your organizational skills and masterful writing has exceeded all expectations."  Dr. John

12/16/18 - "My resume looks phenomenal!  It's awesome to see it come alive!  Everything looks great and I feel much more confident in applying for a federal job.  Super excited." SVerdine

12/7/18 - "I really do appreciate you, your professionalism and the extra effort.  It's been a pleasure doing business and I look forward to interacting with you again in the future." FrankH

11/15/18 - "I got referred to the Hiring Official!  Thank you!"  ShawnE

11/13/18 - "Wow, you did a great job on my resume - really makes me sound like I know what I'm doing!" Great Work.  Thank you."  JohnS

11/13/2018 - "This looks amazing Janet!" SEller

11/10/2018 - "I was referred to the Selecting Official!" DavidL

11/5/2018 - "Thank you for improving my life!" JohnS

10/26/2018 - "I got the job!  Thank you!"  LDorminy   

10/25/2018 - "I most definitely will refer you to others." LBarnes

10/11/2018 - "Thank you so much for this awesome resume and cover letter.  I am so grateful to you for the time you have spent and also for sending it one day early.  I am so much more confident and feel better about my chances using the resume you wrote for me." RIyer

10/10/2018 - "I have a job interview tomorrow!"  JamesA

9/12/2018 - "I received an email congratulating me on the positon with a tentative acceptance!  Thank you for all the help."  JoseS

8/30/2018 - "The CV has opened so many doors.   You did a great job!"  DJones
Yes, I write CVs also.  This one was for a physician.

8/29/2018 - "I contacted you rather than others mainly because of your experience.  You come across as more personable and wanting to help.  It was something more with you.  I felt you had more insightfulness and that, to me, is important." KatherineG

8/27/2018 - "She is quick, excellent editor, fair, and honest.  I struggled to get started writing about self - the support I received from her was a true blessing." DC
Former client describing me to a colleague.  :)

8/24/2018 - "I was hired for the EMO position!  Everything has fallen into place wonderfully.  I could not have done this without you.  You are AMAZING! " DonA

8/23/2018 - "You have a great personality.  I appreciate your advice, drive and mission to help people like myself on the federal job journey." JR
(NOTE:  This one gave me a big smile.  I help people on private sector journeys too!)

8/23/2018 - "I've been impressed with the amount of hits that I have received from the resume you developed for me.  I have been contacted for a Manager position!"  DL

8/22/2018 - "Hi Janet, I wanted to follow up with you regarding the success of the recent applications that I submitted (using the resume you developed for me).  I was contacted for a Lead GS-14 position!  Thank you again."  SO

8/22/2018 - "I can't thank you enough. This is perfect.  Thanks a million!"  PH

8/20/2018 - "Good evening Janet, Thank you for doing such an effective job!  I was bored with my resume and now I want to read it!  This version is SO much better.  I appreciate your work, the quick turnaround and encouraging words.  Many thanks." AB 

8/16/2018 - "I'm very impressed by the end result of my new resume.  Thank you for ALL the hard work you have done to condense my resume and still capture my qualifications.  I will certainly recommend your services to my colleagues and look forward to contracting you for additional services in the future." SC
(NOTE:  This client's original resume was 31 pages long!  I reduced it to 3 and still captured it all.)

8/9/2018 - "Hi Janet, I'm happy to report that I got the promotion and we are 2 for 2 my friend!  Thanks so much for all your help" RobertM
(NOTE:  I developed a customized resume for Robert and he got the job.  I developed a second, newly customized resume for Robert and he got that job (promotion) too!)

8/7/2018 - "I got the job!  I start on the 19th!  I am so excited!  Thank you!"  JackieG

7/15/2018 - "I finally sat down to look at the resume you developed for me.  It looks fantastic!  Thanks!"  KG

7/15/2018 - "Thank you so much.  I'm getting responses from the resume you developed for me!" DanielO

6/24/2018 - "Just wanted to let you know that I GOT THE POSITION and start tomorrow!  Thank you for you help." DJackson

6/17/2018 - "Thanks so much again.  This is a vast improvement."  ClaireH

6/12/2018 - "They referred me to the hiring manager!"  SheriC

6/8/2018 - "I've been called for 3 interviews since you developed my new resume!"  TracyM

6/6/2018 - "Excellent work.  It sounds strong and looks professional.  Thank you."  JeanN 

5/22/2018 -  "I got the job, thank you, thank you.  I appreciate all you did in such a short timeframe.  I am grateful beyond words."  EJohnson  

4/27/2018 - "Thank you for doing such a great job! RLeo

4/26/2018 - "Thank you!  I am completely satisfied with my resume.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it in such a short timeframe and so thorough." EJohnson

4/10/2018 -"I was offered a job and am starting to make the transition to DC to take that position.  I could not have done it without you.  Thanks again! DonA"

3/21/2018 - "Hi Janet, thank you again for your extremely valuable resume writing.  It was very helpful in security my current CFO role."  DougF

3/21/2018 - "Janet, Thank you very much for the quick turn around.  Your writing is amazing!  I was so happy with what you did with my resume that I referred you to a colleague." MichaelC

3/8/2018 - "It's interesting how having a good resume can make such a big difference.  Very pleased at the responses I'm getting.  Please pat yourself on the back.  Thanks a ton."  DAllman

2/27/2018 - "I was referred to the hiring official using the resume you wrote for me!" SandyT

2/16/2018 - "Looks like you broke my resume down and rebuilt it!  It is very appealing to the eye.  Thank you for opening my eyes to what my resume should look like.  Great job!" DonaldA

2/10/2018 - "The resume you developed for me landed me an interview at a nearby company.  Thanks for the excellent job on the resume you wrote for me." BenD

2/7/2018 - "I am reaching out to thank you for the advice about my resume.  I appreciate your help in creating a stronger resume for me.   Thank you again." SKoonce

1/18/2018 - "Thank you very much Janet.  My resume looks fantastic."  AdamB

12/18/2017 - "Just want to let you know that I was hired with the resume you developed for me!  Thank you again.   I will definitely refer you to anyone that needs help with their resume!"  LeeB

12/16/2017 - "What a difference!  This captures what I do without exaggeration or inaccurate statements.  Seeing the difference in how I come across, I wish I had found you sooner.  Thanks for your help."  KyleF

10/15/2017 - "Hi Janet, THANK YOU!!  You did an amazing job with my resume...crisp and well written.  Many thanks."  VLiles

9/22/2017:  "Outstanding product!  You took a resume that contained years adding 1-2 lines and made sense of it all.  Thank you!"  TonyD

4/28/2017:  "Thank you very much for this re-write.  You have explained many of my job responsi-bilities spot on, especially where I provided few details.  This is a huge improvement." GianniL

2/21/2017:  "Hi Janet, I got two offer letters for the 3 jobs I recently applied for.  Thank you for the hard work!"  DarinN
(NOTE:  I developed 3 applications for this client - and told him that he did NOT qualify for the 3rd one, but he chose to apply anyway).

12/30/2016:  "Hi Janet.  You developed my resume for a job in October.  After several interviews I was offered the position!  The work you did made a difference.  Thank you again!"  DougF

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