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Meet Janet Christ

JM Advisory Services, LLC is an independent consulting service that offers hands-on, practical, results-oriented assistance that will result in a resume that gets you noticed. With 32 years of professional HR experience, a former Chief Human Capital Officer (HR Director), offers her experience in all aspects of human capital management.

Janet worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs as an HR Specialist, Administrative Officer (where she handled personnel and budget, and Budget Director where s​he handled twelve accounts totaling $220 million.

She then accepted a position as the Human Resources Director for the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO), a relatively new and small, independent agency whose mission is to regulate Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. With no HR staff when she came on board, Janet quickly built a world-class HR office that handled all aspects of human resources management.

OFHEO then merged with the Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB). As the Chief Human Capital Officer, Janet led the merger team to combine two agencies with entirely different pay structures, policies, systems and organizational infra-structure.

After the merger, Janet accepted an Intergovernmental Personnel Act detail to the Partnership for Public Service, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help federal agencies be more effective. As the Senior Strategic Advisor, Janet provided guidance and assisted the staff in understanding how the government works, edited documents for increased understanding within the government, and guided a large project that was created to assist agencies in transforming their HR staff to become strategic HR Advisors.

Janet retired from federal service in 2012. Her experience in reviewing hundreds of resume, hiring, building effective HR offices, leading teams, developing effective programs and policies, overseeing mergers, and transforming HR staff is now available.

  • Bachelor's degree in Management from University of Maryland

  • Certified as Senior Professional in Human Resources from Society for HR Management

  • Certified as Human Capital Strategist from Human Capital Institute

  • Certified as Strategic Workforce Planner from Human Capital Institute

Please Note: I married after I retired and changed my name. If you'd like to Google me, 

use Janet Murphy, Chief Human Capital Officer. That was my name when I was a federal executive.

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