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Applying for a Federal Position
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Applying for a Federal Position

Getting a Job Takes Work!

So many people out there without work - and many would like a federal government job..and they should - it's good pay, it's generally very secure, and the benefits are phenomenal.

But the resumes I see are not going to get them there.  Some tips:

If you answer phone calls, that's great, but not impressive.  Talk about what types of inquiries you handle

For example:  Instead of "I answer phone calls" use:  "I handle inquiries pertaining to client portfolios.  I proactively acquire customer information in order to expedite their requests".  

If you greet customers, that's nice too - but not going to get you a job other than receptionist.

Include details about what you do - not generalizations.

If you develop Excel spreadsheets, that's great because that's a good skill.  But it would be even more impressive if you analyzed the data and prepared reports for review by a high level executive.

Do you ever have good ideas that are adopted?  Then say, "My input on the XXX project was incorporated, which facilitated the completion of the project (or reduced error rate) - or whatever benefit it brought.

Call or email me.  I can make your resume shine by using your actual experience.  

Applying for a Federal Job

Sure, the federal government can now accept just a resume...you aren't required to address any of the qualification requirements...isn't that good news?  No!  It's bad advice!  This was done in an effort to reduce the burden on federal applicants - which is a good thing - but if you don't address the qualification requirements, how can you expect the resume reviewer (HR Staffing Specialist) to know whether you are qualified or not?  

Take a good look at the minimum qualification requirements AND the assessment factors (which are often called Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) or the "nice to haves")...and make SURE that they are addressed either in your resume or in a separate attachment.  Otherwise, it's very easy for that reviewer to set your resume aside and declare you NOT qualified.
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