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Do You Deserve A Promotion?
Graduating in May? Need a Good Job?
How To Apply For a Fed Govt Job
IRS - Furloughs AND Hiring...
Do You Have FREE time?


Applying for a Federal Position
Why Work for USA?
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Do You Deserve A Promotion?

Do you work hard every day?  Do more than is expected?  Been at the same salary for more than 3 years?  Then, yes, of course you deserve higher pay and more opportunity!

If you are at the top of your pay grade it's up to YOU to get a promotion.  And, it's easy.  You apply for jobs at higher levels, you knock their socks off in the interview, and you get the job!

But it takes time...and patience...and know-how.

Contact a professional for assistance.  At $349 for a resume, it's less than $1 a day...and it will pay off when you get that promotion!

With 32 years of federal service as a former HR Director, I know what agencies are looking for.  I know how to get your resume noticed.

Contact me.  It doesn't cost anything to chat!  #resume #job #federal job #government job

Graduating in May? Need a Good Job?

There are currently 20 jobs open in the DC area for new grads.  The Pathways program provides training and upward mobility to new grads.  If you are an accountant, actuary or IT major (to name a few), or know someone who is who is looking for a job after graduation, contact me for  more information! #job #government job #resume #new graduate #degree

How To Apply For a Fed Govt Job

Most Federal jobs are found on the website, www.usajobs.gov.   These job announcements must, by law, include a TON of information for applicants...but this makes the announcements too long, too confusing and difficult for applicants to figure out how to even apply for it.
First, check the CLOSING DATE - your complete application must be submitted before midnight on this date.
Second, the position will indicate the grade (salary) level. Most federal agencies use the GS (General Schedule) pay scale, but not all, so check the salary closely.  If you have a bachelor’s degree, but little to no experience, apply at the GS-5 level.  With a master’s degree, you should target GS-7 jobs in your degree field.  If you have a JD, you will qualify for the GS-9 level.  If you have 5-10 yrs experience in the field, you can most likely qualify at the GS-12/13 level. 
Third, pay specific attention to the “Qualification Requirements” section.  The areas indicated are used to rate applicants.  The higher the level of your experience in these areas, the higher your score.  Also read the job duties. Here is where you will really get a good idea of the job and should indicate in your resume if you already have experience in these areas.  
Fourth, if you do not have ALL of the knowledge or experience required, DO NOT APPLY because your application will not be considered.  Four out of five isn’t good enough.
Fifth, the announcement will likely have a link to an online questionnaire.  They will be multiple choice questions.  If you cannot answer honestly that you are an EXPERT for the vast majority of the questions, your chances are slim for even getting an interview.  (Competition is fierce these days).  
Sixth, and most important...you absolutely MUST reflect evidence of your EXPERT responses within the body of your resume.  Fore example, if you indicate that you are an have EXPERT level experience in communications, you MUST show examples of that expert level within the body of your resume (or you will not receive credit for that response).
Finally, you must include the required documentation (DD-214 for veterans, college transcripts, and/or whatever else is indicated on the announcement).  Look for it.  It’s important.  If the docs are not attached, you will not be considered.  
Need Assistance in getting this all together so that your resume gets noticed?  No problem.  Contact me at JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail.com.  I offer personalized service.  I will walk you through each step and make sure that your application is considered and you receive the maximum points.  #resume #federal jobs #job

IRS - Furloughs AND Hiring...

The IRS announced today that it will be furloughing it's entire workforce for 5 days.  YET, a simple search on www.USAJOBS.gov reflects 42 (that's forty-two) vacancies for which they are recruiting.


That makes absolutely no sense.  It's DC politics...which generally don't make sense.

So rather than FREEZE hiring and save money in a way that does not have an ill affect on current staff, the IRS chose to furlough staff while hiring new people.  And that's how they roll.

There ARE hundreds of jobs open in the federal government.  You still get great benefits, and yes, job security (in spite of a few days of furlough every 20 or 30 years).

Need help in applying?  Contact me at JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail.com.  I can help you get the job you want.  #resume #job #federal job #applying for government job

Do You Have FREE time?

If you answered no, you're not alone!  You commute to and from work, you come home (maybe take care of kids and/or housework), eat dinner, relax a few minutes in front of the tv and go to bed.  Get up and do the same thing day after day.

But what if you don't like your job?  Or, maybe you like it, but you've been in it for several years and need a change - or better yet, a promotion!  When do you have the time it takes to apply for a new job?  It takes time, a lot of time, to apply if you do it right.

How do you do it right?  You need to make sure that your resume clearly addresses each of the several qualification requirements listed on the vacancy announcement.  You need to tie your resume to the job duties indicated - which means that you probably need to amend your resume each time you apply for a different job.  And that takes time.

No time?  Hire a professional.  With 32 years of federal service; 16 of which as an HR Director - I know what agencies are looking for.  My rates are very reasonable and I will work with you and answer any questions you have and give professional advice throughout the application and hiring process.

Just send me your resume (JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail.com).  I will conduct a free job search for you, and we will take it from there with personalized service.  

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Fed?

The federal government has a bad rap, and for good reason.  It is too big, too inefficient, and sometimes ridiculously burdensome.  So why would anyone want to work there?

Well, let's first realize that the bad rap is mostly on our elected officials in Congress.  They can't seem to get anything done - there is so much in-fighting that the real issues get lost.  But federal employees are not Congressman or Senators.  Many are hard-working, often brilliant in their fields.  They work 9-5, they often telecommute, they receive spectacular benefits, and, in spite of sequestration requirements, they have good job security and a good future retirement with long-term care option and health insurance for life.

Sure, there are federal workers that slack, don't come to work, and should never have been hired.  And, yes, it's very difficult and time-consuming to move them out...so it isn't done often.

But that's not YOU!

So keep your eye on the real prize.  The pay, benefits and serving your country with the hard work that comes easy to you.  There are numerous advancement opportunities, if not within your agency, but throughout the very large federal government.  There are literally hundreds of jobs posted daily.  Don't believe me?  Click on www.usajobs.gov.  Put your job field in the search engine and see what pops up.

And if you need assistance in applying, contact me at JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail.com.  It's not an easy process, but I can ease you through it.  After all, I have 32 years as a fed...and proud of it!

Getting a Govt Job is Like Dieting...

Anyone who has applied for a government job knows that it's no easy task.  Every agency has a different application process and a complex one at that.

Like losing weight...jobs don't come easy either.  For both you have to work hard, be patient and you cannot expect immediate results.  It takes time to lose weight and it takes time before getting selected for a federal government job.

So, hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of the application process and put the hard work aside.  With patience the weight will start to come off and the job offer will come forth!

Contact me at JMAdvisorySvcs@gmail for personalized assistance in getting the job you want.

Four Top Reasons to Work for Our Federal Govt

Top FOUR Reasons to Work for US Fed Govt:

(1) GREAT benefits for LIFE (as long as you stay til retirement)  Can you say "health insurance for you and your family forever?"

(2) Job Security - in spite of sequestrations and furloughs, the federal government offers job security like non other.

(3)  Advancement Opportunities - they are out there - you every job within the entire federal government to consider...in addition to the agency where you are hired.

(4)  Hard Work Pays Off - "typical" feds don't work that hard...so if you do...you will get noticed.  

Why Hire an Expert to Apply for a New Job?

You are an intelligent human being.  You can read and follow instructions.  You can apply for jobs on your own, right?  Right!  But have you tried?  And how did that work out for you?

The federal government application system is BROKEN.  There are different rules at every federal agency, and if you don't provide EXACTLY what is requested your resume will go into the shredder.

With all due respect, federal staffing specialists don't always have a good handle on the jobs.  They are HR specialists, not Economists, IT specialists, Financial Analysts, etc.  And, frankly, neither am I.

However, I do have over 30 years of experience as an HR Director and I know what agencies are looking for.  I know how a resume should read to get noticed...and you have to get noticed to get an interview and get hired.

Contact me today - let's discuss your personal situation...I am a one-woman shop.  I do not have a staff of people developing resumes.  I do the work myself and I work with you directly.

Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

Need Health Insurance?

Federal government jobs offer excellent health insurance options.  The government pays approximately 72% of the cost.  Choose from a variety of insurance plans, including, but not limited to Blue Cross Blue  Shield, Alliance, GEHA, Group Health, Kaiser Permanente, and many, many others.

AND, if you are employed for at least 5 years with health insurance coverage, you can take the health insurance into retirement with you - for the rest of your life...you will have coverage for you AND your family.

Can't beat that...