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Want To Know What My Clients Think Of Me?

I do NOT ask for feedback - but I get it anyway...and it warms my heart every single time. :)

2023 Reviews

Sept 14 - "Good morning Janet! I have some good news!  I got the Supervisory Auditor position!! Thanks so much for all of your support! I  am super appreciateive of the amazing resume work you've done. I  most certainly could not have done it alone. Thank you, BT

Sept 14 - "I just received an invitation for a phone interview next week! Thank you so much . ML

Sept 12 - "Hi Janet, Just wanted to let you know that I received an offer to interview with the FDA! BS

Sept 6 - "Hi Janet! I  just wanted to let you know that I was referred and had my interview for the XX position today! Thank you for the resume support! You're the best! Thank you, BT

Aug 23 - "Wow!!  I just keep reading it...I am amazed by all you did and how you highlighted my skills. Amazing! ML

Aug 23 - I made the Best Qualified list and have had interviews so far!  CS

Aug 9 - Thank you Janet!  I applied for the position today. Having all of the questions in advance really helped to be focused and organized. It made completing the application enjoyable! JS

Aug 7 - 'I wanted to let you know how things went with the CIA application.  I heard back today and they want to discuss security clearances and next steps. Th ank you so much for your help on this application. EA

Aug 6 - "I love my new resume! It looks absolutely amazing. I am sooo impressed with how you got me to

come out on paper!!  Thank you so much! You do a wonderful job and I (and everyone that has read it) see that you put a lot of time and focus into it.  I showed it to my brother and he said "I have seen a lot of resumes and this is by far the best I've seen.  Makes mine look like a grade schooler wrote it." AS

Aug 3 - "I was referred for the job I applied for last week - using the resume you wrote!" KM

Aug 2 - "Good afternoon Janet, This resume is absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much.  I've enjoyed working with you!" JS

July 27 - "One word. Incredible. Your edits are attention grabbers!" JS

July 4 - "I appreciate your quick turnaround,  expertise, and working on a holiday! I truly appreciate it!" Bt

July 2 - "Thank you so much for your help in helping me secure the Team Leader position! I am back again

                 looking for a resume update so I can apply for a promotion to the GS-14 level." BT


June 15 - "Thank you so much Janet and lots of appreciation for the promptness." AI

June 14 - "Ms. Christ, another masterpiece! Simply amazing. Thank you."  WW

June 5 -  "Thank you Janet, I appreciate your keen focus on reality.  I'm serious, you are the best!" JL

June 2 - "I'm in awe of your work! You are nothing short of amazing.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you! WW


May 21 - "I reviewed the resume and once again you did a fabulous job! Thank you for everything!" ST

May 8 - "I recently needed to update my resume, but it had a short turnaround time.  I contacted several services but decided to go with your company after several back-and-forth exchanges with various other  companies.  I am delighted that I did.  You worked with me to quickly and effectively modify my existing resume, you completed the work on time and for a reasonable fee. You were pleasant and professional in all exchanges, and your work was exceptional. I give you my highest recommendations." SH

May 5 - "Wow! I'm impressed! I would hire myself without an interview after reading the resume! Thank you" SA


Apr 19 - "Thank you so much! You're the best and a blessing! God does answer prayers." CT

Apr 11 -  "The resume and cover letter you developed for me both look great, thank you so much." MC

Apr 5 - "Thanks Janet. I really think this resume looks great and shows my accomplishments and skills so much better than before."  Thanks again. MH


Mar 15 - "I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for all your hard work. I was extended a very generous offer from a company that is a great company to work for. I used the resume you developed for me and they loved it!!" DV


Feb 20 - "My new resume looks so impressive, thank you!!!" CK


Jan 29 - "Janet, I got an interview tomorrow!  Thank you!" PY

Jan 23 - "Miss Janet, thank you so much for your work, it looks great! I would also like to thank you for providing me with the job opportunities you sent me.  Again, thank you for your candor." WC

Jan 13 - "Looks great! Thank you very much!" CT

Jan 12 - "Yay!!! You m'am are a magician!!  This looks great! Thank you so much!" LG

Jan 11 - "I just wanted to pass along that, not only did your resume get me an interview, but I got the job as well! I got the offer today.  I can't thank you enough.  You wrote me two resumes and I got two interviews - the last one resulting in the perfect retirement gig!  Can't ask for much more than that.  I'll be sure to push all my job-seeking friends your way.  All the best," DT

Jan 10 - "Janet, Just letting you know that I have an interview for the job!  Thanks again for your help." SM

2022 Reviews

Dec 22 - "I wanted to let you know I received an email that said I was referred to the Selecting Official!" LL

                    NOTE:  December is always a very slow month!

Nov 29 - "I wanted to let you know that I got the promotion in July!  And, I ended up getting a new position with another agency using the resume you developed for me. Once again, thank you, Regards," YR

Nov 28 - "Thank you so much for writing and formatting this resume for me over the past week.  I understand that with the amount of content from my previous resume and materials I have sent yo  this could not have been

 an easy task.  I appreciate the time you have put into helping me understand the limitations of my previous

resume and how I could better portray my experience and skills to hiring managers at the federal level.

Best, "DT

Nov 18 - "I got the job!  Thanks again for all your help. :) I will absolutely be passing on your services and I will contact you again I am sure!" KS

Nov 18 - "Thank you very much, Janet! I really appreciate all of your hard work on this.  It's a great product and I'm confident it will help get my foot in the door!  Thanks again," DT

Nov 18 - "I had an interview and it went well! Thank you for your assistance." TR

Nov 12 - "This is impressive! I have never looked bette ron paper!  Thank you for curating this off of the information sent you...thanks again!!!" AR

Nov 10 - "I got the job!" Thank you again for all your help!  AT

Nov 7 - "I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with your excellent service.  With your assistance, I was able to get a government position." BT

Nov 6 - "Hi Janet, I can not thank you enough.  You were able to accurately reflect my experiences and qualifications in the resume.  I really had no idea where to begin and I felt intimidated in having to prepare a private sector resume.  Your patience and willingness to take the time to understand the documents I provided was amazing.  I really appreciate you and thank you! Sincerely MT"

Nov 6 - "I was invited to do a second round of interviews with the agency head and his deputy! Thank you!" AT

Nov 2 - "I received a interview for the position! Thank you so much!" AT

Oct 17 - "It looks great! Thank you so much - it looks 100% better and I feel good about using it now!" KB

Oct 14 - "I ended up getting an interview!  Thank you!" KS

Sept 19 - "The resume looks great! Thanks" WD

Sept 18 -"I got the job thanks to your quality writing skills!  I appreciate you very much!  Thanks again" SR

Sept 9 - "Thank you so much for your services, I got hired by FEMA!" SW

Sept 2 - "The resume looks great!! Thank you!" TR

Aug 10 - "I really appreciate your time and assistance!  Thank you for another great resume!  GB

Aug 8 - "I got the job!  Thank you for your help!"  SH

Jul 28 - "This is perfect, thank you so much!  It looks very clean, detailed, and professional.  I appreciate your help so much!" VS

Jul 13 - "I appreciate you and I want you to know how I am truly grateful and thankful for your help." CA

Jul 7 - "Thanks for the excellent work and attention to detail that you have provided me throughout this process." BT

Jun 20 - "Wow! Thank you for this work on my resume.  It looks great!" Later I developed a cover letter for this same client.  He said, "Again, excellent work on your part m'am! Thank you so much for your time and assistance on my documents!! I will be sure to pass your contact details to my colleagues who are retiring this year." GB

May 9 - "Great news Janet!  I got the Director position. Your services are much appreciated. I'll be reaching out in the future as I embark further on my career options." AB

April - weird - very slow month...

Mar 20 - "My new resume looks fantastic!  I appreciate the hard work!" LH

Mar 14 - "I wanted to let you know that I was hired for the position that you wrote the resume for! Thanks so much" LH

Mar 6 - "This is great, thank you so much!" CP

Feb 27 - "Good afternoon Janet, the documents look great!  I could not have accomplished this task without you and the push. I appreciate your hard work. Thank you very much." TR

Feb 26 - "Thank you so much, Janet - This looks great! This will be a big help going forward. DT

Feb 14 - "Hi Janet, I got the job!  I started on Monday! Thank you!" JC

Feb 8 - "Hi Janet, I just wanted to let you know that I got an interview!  Thank you! ES

Feb 6 - "I just read my resume line by line and I must say that I'm impressed with what you did!  It looks amazing! Thank you so much Janet.  I really appreciate your kind words and help with my resume. I will definitely refer you to my friends moving forward. JR

Jan 29 - "The resume you developed for me was a SUCCESS!  I received an interview and was hired for the position! 

                   Thank you so much for your willingness to help me on such short notice, for the quality of the work, and the fast turnaround!  It made all the difference in the world to me, my family, and ministry." MJ

Jan 12 - "I have great news to share!  I was recently offered a Supervisory position!  I am over the moon excited about this unique opportunity!   Thank you!"

2021 Reviews

Dec 17 - "I just want to let you know that I have an interview for the job you wrote my resume for.  Thank you!" LS

Oct 23 - "What a breath of fresh air this is." (referring to his new resume) "Thanks so much.  Money well spent." DB

Oct 6 - "I have an interview tonight!  Any helpful advice would be appreciated!" LS

Sept 22 - "Everything looks great, much more concise and well organized.  Thank you so much for your help." LD

Sept 20 - "You have great reviews so I did not hesitate to obtain your services!  This resume is Awesome!  I am excited for my future!" DS

Sept 9 - "I just wanted to say thank you from my heart for all your help.  Wordds cannot express enough my gratitude for everything."  JR

Aug - everyone was on vacation!  Including me!  :)

July 12 - "Hello Janet, I want to thank you for working with me on my federal resume.  It came out amazing.  Everything is perfect.  I'm really happy in how it turned out!  :)" YN

June 28 - "Good afternoon Janet, I made the first hurdle and was selected for the next level of review!" DC

June 28 - "Good evening Janet, I submitted the application with my new customized resume!  It looks great and very polished!  Thank yo so much for your help."  GL

June 11 - "I actually got called for an interview with the Army!"  Thanks!  CM

May 31 - "You are a miracle worker!  Thank you so very much, it looks and read amazingly well.  Thank you for sharing your talent!" MS

Apr 23 - "Hi Janet, thank you so very much!  My resume and cover letter look great and I really appreciate your work, advice, and quick turnaround!"  JB

Apr 22 - "Thank you!!!  I have an interview on Wednesday!"  LG

Apr 21 - "Wow!  This is just amazing.  I see nothing at all wrong or that I would change with the resume."  MJ

Apr 19 - "I received a job offer from the resume you developed for me but ended up declining it because the pay was too low.  Can you develop a new customized resume for this job?"  I DID...Then "Thank you Janet!  Looks great!  With much appreciation." JK

Apr 10 - "Janet, you're the best!  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate you!  All looks great!  I've given my friend your number and email.  She will definitely be in touch.  Awesome work!" CT

Apr 8 - "Wowzers!!!  Thank you so much Janet!  My resume looks amazing!  I appreciate your hard work!" JP

Apr 3 - "I wanted to keep you in the loop.  I was referred!  I had my interview yesterday!  I've been telling everyone on USAjobs subreddit about you!"  LT

Mar 31 - "Good morning Janet, I want to thank you for the service you provided me.  I applie to three positions at three different companies and immediately received interviews!  I am happy to say that I accepted an offere yesterday and will be starting my new job on April 26th.  Thank you!" SW

Mar 25 - "Hi Janet!  I was just asked to schedule an interview for the first job you developed and customized for me!  I just wanted to tell you thank you!!!"  LG

Mar 8 - "Thanks Janet!  I really appreciate your vote of confidence.  Your help has been such a gift." JK

Mar 5 - "The resume reads wonderfully.  Thank you very much for your professional services." MB

Mar 3 - "The resume looks great!  Thank you so much for your help.  I appreciate your prompt response." BG

Mar 2 - "Thank you Janet.   You are the best!!  Appreciate your help!" MB

Feb 17 - "I received a tentative job offer yesterday?  I am so excited.  Thank you so much for all of your help...greatly appreciated." JC

Feb 15 - "I wanted to let you know that I have a telephone interview tomorrow!"  LA

Jan 30 - "I just found out that I have been scheduled for an interview!  I would like your interview preparation please!"

Jan 29 - "You did an awesome job on my resume!  I will be reaching out to you again for another resume soon!" MH

Jan 15 - "This resume looks wonderful!  I greatly appreciate your professional advice, assistance, and encouragement." LR

Jan 11 - "The resume and cover letter look great!" JC

Jan 3 - "Wow!  I love it!  I am very impressed and grateful for what you've done for me.  Thank you so much!  JF


2020 Reviews

Dec 24 - "Thank you for taking the time to assist me professionally.  I am extremely appreciative of your acquaintance."

Dec  16 - "Thank you so much for my new resume.  You are a time and sanity saver." SM

Dec 7 - "I received an email on Friday saying that I will be interviewed for the position!"  EF

Dec 7 - "Got some good news back about the resume you developed for me - it made the cut and was forwarded to the Hiring Official!  Thank you for your help." MJ

Nov 13 - "Last year you developed a resume for me and since then I have been promoted TWICE!"  DV

Sept 25 - "No matter the outcome of the interview, thank you for your excellent services.  The interview preparation assisted me greatly.  You have a returning customer and continued referrals from me.  :)"  AB

Sept 23 - "Hi Janet, Just wanted to reach out to say thank you!  Your resume support got me referred for my desired position.  I was in the "best qualified" group and received an interview, and promoted!!!  You're the best!  Thank you!  BS

Sept 10 - "Hi Janet:  I just wanted to follow up and say thanks.  I was contacted for an interview for the position this afternoon!  I am honored to be considered and really appreciate your professional writing.  I'm socked to get an interview with the first resume into private sector.  Again, my sincerest gratitude."  AB

Sept 8 - "I was contacted by a Recruiter from the resume  you built for me!"  CS

Aug 31 - "I have an interview tomorrow - thank you for the interview advice and helpful tips."  JS

Aug 19 - "Thank you so much Janet.  I really appreciate all your help throughout this process.  I am so glad I found a professional like you.  Your work looks great!"  LA

Aug 11 - "Awesome Janet!    The resume looks amazing - thank!  I cannot thank you enough for writing a much more useful, structured resume!  I honestly could not have done this myself.  I will be recommending you to everyone I know.  :-)" BS

Jul 29 - "I just received an email to let me know that I was referred to the hiring manager for consideration!  Thank you very much for your help."  EH

Jul 7 - "I applied for two positions and have back-to-back interviews on Thursday!  Fingers crossed!  Thank you!  FJ

Jun 10 - "Just wanted to let you know that I made the Referral List for the position!  I was referred to the Hiring Manager.   Once again, thanks!" TJ

May 28 - "I wanted to let you know that I got referred to the Hiring Official for this position!  Thank you for your help." ES

May 26 - "Thank you so much!  The resume looks fantastic!"  DD

May 9 - "Thank you, this really looks great - and saved me a lot of time!" LR

May 8 - "Thank you for your hard work and dedication - especially on such short notice.  Everything looks great!" TM

May 7 - "You wrote a resume for me and I was granted an interview and recommended for the next level!"  DT

May 5 - "The federal resume looks awesome!!!"  Thank you so much for your advice and expertise!  RK

Apr 28 - "I Love my new resume!!!  Thank you!  I will keep sending people your way."  RP

Apr 4 - "I got the job offer!  Thank you so much for your help.  I couldn't have made it this far without you!"  EP

Apr 2 - "This looks great!  Thank you so much for the short turnaround time. "RK

Apr 1 - "I was recently contacted for a phone interview.  It went well and the HR Director said she would pass my resume along to the Hiring Manager!  The resume you created for me seems to be working!  Thank you."  LC

Mar 18 - "Wow, this resume is fantastic.  Thank you so much!" RT

Mar 16 - "I am very excited to share that I have an interview with the SEC!  Thanks again for all your help!  The resume you developed for me is definitely working!"  AN

Mar 11 - "I received two interviews and just received a job offer!   Your resume writing services were wonderful and did help me with getting this job offer."AY

Mar 11 - "This is really Outstanding!  Thank you so much for the resume.  I'm so impressed how you weaved all of the relevant parts of my background into the documents." RP

Mar 6 - "Thank you for the resume - I just found out that I made the Best Qualified list for that job!"JG

Mar 4 - "I want to thank you for all your hard work helping and guiding me in the right direction."  MH

Feb 27- “I could not be more impressed with your professionalism, timeliness and overall communication throughout this process. Your direct and honest feedback on my career goals was exactly what I NEEDED to hear. The resume and cover letter that you created for me is polished and truly captures the essence of who I am professionally. Thank you again and I will most certainly recommend you to others! " LL

Feb 26 - "Good news!  I have an interview tomorrow morning for the job you created my resume for!" AM

Feb 26 - "Wow, this looks great!  Thank you so much for your help with this resume!  I hope to work with you again."  EP

Feb 12 - "Yay lucky me! I am smiling already. My resume looks very professional and proper. Thank you so very much! " SS

Feb 10 - "My interviews went well - I received FOUR offers! Thanks! " CM

Feb 4 - "Many thanks. It looks great!" AN

Feb 24 - "OMG - I would hire myself immediately! You're the best! You can work  magic with almost nothing. Thank you!" AH

Feb 22 - "Thank you for preparing my resume and cover letter. I am very pleased with it and will definitely refer fellow colleagues to you who need resume writing service! This gives me a higher degree of confidence in pursuing employment opportunities." DJ

Feb 20 - "Thank you! My resume looks great and I appreciate it very much!" RC

Feb 15 - "I am contacting you because you have the most experience in federal resume writing of all of the dozens of companies I have researched, and you have the most reasonable, straightforward pricing." JG

Jan 11 - "Thank you very much for the resume! It looks great!" RR

Jan 7 - "I was referred to you via my Aunt who was a prior customer of yours. She told me that you and your services were the main contributors to securing her a GS-15 position." DC 

Jan 6 - "Really good feedback. I appreciate the blunt critiques." EU

This one made me laugh - yes, I can be blunt - why beat around the bush? You need good, solid feedback! :)

2019 Reviews

Dec 16 - "My resume looks phenomenal! It's awesome to see it come alive! Everything looks great and I feel much more confident in applying for a federal job. Super excited." SV

Dec 7 - "I really do appreciate you, your professionalism and the extra effort. It's been a pleasure doing business and I look forward to interacting with you again in the future." FH

Nov 15 - "I got referred to the Hiring Official! Thank you!" SE

Nov 13 - "Wow, you did a great job on my resume - really makes me sound like I know what I'm doing!" Great Work. Thank you." JS

Nov 13 - "This looks amazing Janet!" SE

Nov 10 - "I was referred to the Selecting Official!" DL

Nov 5 - "Thank you for improving my life!" JS

Oct 26 - "I got the job! Thank you!" LD

Oct 25 - "I most definitely will refer you to others." LB

Oct 11 - "Thank you so much for this awesome resume and cover letter. I am so grateful to you for the time you have spent and also for sending it one day early. I am so much more confident and feel better about my chances using the resume you wrote for me." RI

Oct 10 - "I have a job interview tomorrow!" JA

Sep 12 - "I received an email congratulating me on the position with a tentative acceptance! Thank you for all the help." JS

Aug 30 - "The CV has opened so many doors. You did a great job!" DJ

Yes, I write CVs also. This one was for a physician.

Aug 29 - "I contacted you rather than others mainly because of your experience. You come across as more personable and wanting to help. It was something more with you. I felt you had more insightfulness and that, to me, is important." KG

Aug 27 - "You are a quick, excellent editor, fair, and honest. I struggled to get started writing about myself - the support I received from you was a true blessing." DC

Aug 24 - "I was hired for the EMO position! Everything has fallen into place wonderfully. I could not have done this without you. You are AMAZING! " DA

Aug 23 - "You have a great personality. I appreciate your advice, drive and mission to help people like myself on the federal job journey." JR     This one gave me a big smile. I help people on private sector journeys too!

Aug 23 - "I've been impressed with the amount of hits that I have received from the resume you developed for me. I have been contacted for a Manager position!" DL

Aug 22 - "Hi Janet, I wanted to follow up with you regarding the success of the recent applications that I submitted (using the resume you developed for me). I was contacted for a Lead GS-14 position! Thank you again." SO

Aug 22 - "I can't thank you enough. This is perfect. Thanks a million!" PH

Aug 20 - "Good evening Janet, Thank you for doing such an effective job! I was bored with my resume and now I want to read it! This version is SO much better. I appreciate your work, the quick turnaround and encouraging words. Many thanks." AB

Aug 16 -"I'm very impressed by the end result of my new resume. Thank you for ALL the hard work you have done to condense my resume and still capture my qualifications. I will certainly recommend your services to my colleagues and look forward to contracting you for additional services in the future." SC 

This client's original resume was 31 pages long! I reduced it to 3 and still captured it all.

Aug 9 - "Hi Janet, I'm happy to report that I got the promotion and we are 2 for 2 my friend! Thanks so much for all your help" RM

I developed a customized resume for Robert and he got the job. I developed a second, newly customized resume for Robert and he got that job (promotion) too!

Aug 7 - "I got the job! I start on the 19th! I am so excited! Thank you!" JG

Jul 15 - "I finally sat down to look at the resume you developed for me. It looks fantastic! Thanks!" KG

Jul 15 - "Thank you so much. I'm getting responses from the resume you developed for me!" DO

Jun 24 - "Just wanted to let you know that I GOT THE POSITION and start tomorrow! Thank you for you help." DJ

Jun 17 - "Thanks so much again. This is a vast improvement." CH

Jun 12 - "They referred me to the hiring manager!" SC

Jun 8 - "I've been called for 3 interviews since you developed my new resume!" TM

Jun 6 - "Excellent work. It sounds strong and looks professional. Thank you." JN

May 22 - "I got the job, thank you, thank you. I appreciate all you did in such a short timeframe. I am grateful beyond words." EJ

Apr 27 - "Thank you for doing such a great job! RL

Apr 26 - "Thank you! I am completely satisfied with my resume. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it in such a short timeframe and so thorough." EJ

Apr 10 -"I was offered a job and am starting to make the transition to DC to take that position. I could not have done it without you. Thanks again! DA"

Mar 21- "Hi Janet, thank you again for your extremely valuable resume writing. It was very helpful in security my current CFO role." DF

Mar 21- "Janet, Thank you very much for the quick turn around. Your writing is amazing! I was so happy with what you did with my resume that I referred you to a colleague." MC

Mar 8 - "It's interesting how having a good resume can make such a big difference. Very pleased at the responses I'm getting. Please pat yourself on the back. Thanks a ton." DA

Feb 27 - "I was referred to the hiring official using the resume you wrote for me!" ST

Feb 16 - "Looks like you broke my resume down and rebuilt it! It is very appealing to the eye. Thank you for opening my eyes to what my resume should look like. Great job!" DA

Feb 10 - "The resume you developed for me landed me an interview at a nearby company. Thanks for the excellent job on the resume you wrote for me." BD

Feb 7 - "I am reaching out to thank you for the advice about my resume. I appreciate your help in creating a stronger resume for me. Thank you again." SK

Jan 18 - "Thank you very much Janet. My resume looks fantastic." AB

2017 Reviews

Dec 18 - "Just want to let you know that I was hired with the resume you developed for me! Thank you again. I will definitely refer you to anyone that needs help with their resume!" LB

Dec 16 - "What a difference! This captures what I do without exaggeration or inaccurate statements. Seeing the difference in how I come across, I wish I had found you sooner. Thanks for your help." KF

Oct 15 - "Hi Janet, THANK YOU!! You did an amazing job with my resume...crisp and well written. Many thanks." VL

Sep 22 - "Outstanding product! You took a resume that contained years adding 1-2 lines and made sense of it all. Thank you!" TD

Apr 28 - "Thank you very much for this re-write. You have explained many of my job responsibilities spot on, especially where I provided few details. This is a huge improvement." GL

Feb 21 - "Hi Janet, I got two offer letters for the 3 jobs I recently applied for. Thank you for the hard work!" DN

I developed 3 applications for this client - and told him that he did NOT qualify for the third one but he chose to apply anyway.

Jan 30: "Hi Janet. You developed my resume for a job in October. After several interviews I was offered the position! The work you did made a difference. Thank you again!" DF

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