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So You're Wondering...

What Sets Me Apart Fro​m Other Professional Resume Writers?​

  • I don't just write professionally written, customized resumes, I help my clients get jobs! I will conduct a FREE federal job search for you to find positions that are a good fit and that you truly have a good chance of acquiring.

  • I have over 30 years of experience in Human Resources and retired as a Senior Executive - official title was Chief Human Capital Officer (HR Director). Why does that matter? Because I know exactly what it takes to get your resume noticed both in the federal government and in the private sector. I know what HR needs to see in order to move your resume forward to the Hiring Official for an interview so THAT'S what gets highlighted in your resume.

  • I work alone and answer my own email promptly (often up to about 10pm and weekends). My average response time on Yelp is 20 minutes and it's never been above 30 minutes. You will receive individualized attention.

  • I never send spam and I don't ask for feedback. However, I often receive unsolicited feedback. This is what fuels me - and why I love what I do.

  •  My prices are very reasonable. There's a very popular (and probably very rich) resume writer on LinkedIn that charges $1500. Be careful - you don't always get what you pay for.

  • I keep it simple. No forms, no contracts, no long don't need any of that. My turnaround time averages about 2 days.

Here's How I Provide Services In 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1 - You email your current resume (and a link to the job you want - if you've found one) to me at

Step 2 - I will review it against your resume to make sure it's a good fit. If it isn't, I will run a free federal job search for you, or guide you on the type of job for which you would qualify in the private sector.

Step 3 - Once we find a good job fit, I will develop a professionally written, customized resume that addresses all of the qualification requirements for the position, the rating factors (if it's a federal job) and the Questionnaire (again, if it's as federal job).

A professionally written resume that is CUSTOMIZED to the job you want will greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job. So don't just hire a resume writer, hire a former Senior HR Executive that knows and understands the hiring process and requirements. I don't just write a resume for you, I truly help you get the job you want!

Ready To Get Your Dream Job? Let's Do This!

Federal Jobs - Email me your current resume and the link OR the control number of the vacancy announcement for the position you want from

Private Sector Jobs - Email your current resume and a link to the job announcement of the position you want.

Want to know what my clients think of me? Check out my client review page!

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